Dargo to Buchen

Day 7: Tuesday May 13th

The Daro River Inn and its host of mad motorcross riders had showed us a great time but the riders were heading off and the Inn closing up.

We had been invited to joint the motorcross boys but, valuing our skin, declined. I am not sure what lay down that path but it would have been amazing…for a time before we came across something worse than “rolling into Dargo”. Another time perhaps.

With a big weather front on the doorstep we discussed the two options, wait it out or move east to drier country.

I had planned to head over the mountains toward Buchen but we decided to head down to Bairnsdale via the black top and back up to Buchen, avoiding tough mountain tracks that could become impassable in the coming rain.

Raman hit a wallaby not far south of Dargo and managed to keep it upright. We travel 70-90km/h most of the time and I think we were at the lower end of that.

Several adventure riders talked to us while we stopped for provisions in Bairnsdale.

Day 7-1



The rolling hills outside Buchen

The rolling hills outside Buchen

Again we seem to have escaped much of the rain. I think there was about 50mm forecast for the mountains above Dargo. We would have ridden in less than 2mm today.

The Buchen Caves Reserve

The Buchen Caves Reserve



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