Punsand Bay

We are camped just south of the tip on the west side of the Peninsula at Punsand Bay for a few days. The thirty or so coconuts we got last night are great. There is always another one there to drink or eat. I guess we might find the limits at some point as they are apparently a diarrhetic. Not that I have ever been stopped by other peoples inability to stomach large quantities of wild forage 🙂

Raman topping off breakfast with a little coconut water

Raman topping off breakfast with a little coconut water at Punsand Bay

We keep running into people we met on the OTT and Weipa. Not surprising really.

I have spent a little time developing a new air intake duct for Mawson to avoid drawing dust. The last attempt was effective but I was able to see ways to improve it when I pulled the seat off and found dust all through the filter foam I have used to pack up the spaces. This time I have used rags in the hope they will allow almost no air to be drawn from the wheel and it doing so increase the amount drawn from the only open space which terminates in the side cover under the seat. I have also made up a post filter to fit inside the main air filter in the hope that I can see if any dust is getting past the primary filter.

My test ride proved the air restriction was too great with the post filter being 25mm thick. I halved the thickness and it now runs but I suspect the air/fuel ratio is pretty rich. I will leave the standard KLR jetting unless I have to changed it.

Raman headed into town (Bamaga) to get his rack welding up. While we were in Coen he had to replace a few of the quick release fixtures that hold his luggage racks on that had fallen out. We aren’t sure if the bolts that he used placed more stress on the rest of the rack.

Getting racks welded

Getting racks welded

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