Kroombit Tops to Cania Dam

Raman has discovered that his pannier frame is snapped. All the rough riding is really putting the bikes to the test. Rob called his friend at the Cania Dam and teed up some workshop time with a MIG welder. I discover my entire dash was shaking around as we left camp this morning too. Fortunately two loose nuts where the culprit and I was riding again after 10 minutes of track-side maintenance.

Another day of great riding on small tracks.

Overlanding (26 of 52)

Waking up to this.




Overlanding (27 of 52)

The smooth trails on Kroombit. Typically these were the buttery ones. Pretty but slippery. The sandy ridges were more fun but less rainforesty.




Overlanding (28 of 52)

Back onto the plains country. Lots of great creek crossings. Rob Turton on his KTM 950 Adventure




Overlanding (29 of 52)

Where do you think you are going? moo!


Overlanding (30 of 52)

Closed? Lots of fun.



Overlanding (31 of 52)

Stocked up in Monto before heading of the Cania Dam.



Sunset on the his of the Cania Dam

Sunset on the hills of the Cania Dam


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