Wombeyan to Batsh

May 25th: Day 19

Awoke to sunshine on the autumn leaves. Headed back to Taralga to stock up on supplies and fuel. We plan to spend quite a few days in the Blue Mountains.

Filled a fuel bladder each as well to give us a little extra range over and above the 450km or so we get out of a tank.

Fuelling up for a long haul

Fuelling up for a long haul

This is the first time we have put to use the fuel bladders that I ordered from Liquid Containment and had the ADVrider logo printed on. Thanks Paul!

Rode along part of  The Bicentennial Trail on the way to our camp this evening at Batsh Camp in the Southern Blue Mountians.

Went splunking, unsuccessfully, this evening. Couldn’t find Colong cave. It is a 3 km walk on an unmarked track. We plan to have another go tomorrow. Found a very interesting tree that I would like to photograph tomorrow too.

Walking  back through the bush this evening we had a moon rise that I won’t forget in a while. Evidently full, it lit the white trunks of the eucalypts. The trees still, not a breath on branches. We stood there for a long while, pensive.

We found our way back in the dark without the assistance of the GPS.

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