On The Beach – Eumundi

The Beach

Day 73 – July 18th

Here I am on “The Beach” at the Millington estate, Eumundi. What a lucky fella I am. Thanks so much to the Millington’s for having me.

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The Beach


I have always been fascinated by bamboo. I had a little bamboo garden as a kid but it really doesn’t grow very fast down south. Running bamboo seems to, at the best of times, crawl. I was excited to see my little patch had a stem nearly an inch in diameter and maybe 3m tall after years of careful tending.


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7m high young shoot over 150mm diameter

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Bamboo is distantly related to grass. Beneath the forest of bamboo leaves I can image being an ant in the grass.

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Over ten times the diameter of anything I ever grew!


That is over 250mm in diameter!

That is over 250mm in diameter!

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