New Rubber

So, after 6,500km I am ready for a new front tyre. The Pirelli MT21 has held on well but has worn very unevenly. Still its worked well and 6,500km on that sort of tyre seems pretty good really. The rear Heidenau K60 130/80-17 still has a bit left in it but after my fractured rib at Lake Eyre on the mud I think I will just change it now to be on the safe side. Perhaps I’ll store it and use the rest for road miles on the way south. Maybe by then I’ll have satisfied the urge to travel on rough challenging tracks.

A biker we met in Coolah, NSW had recommended a place to get tyres in Noosa Heads and with a little chasing around and some local knowledge (thanks Dave Millington) we found Tyres for Bikes. The proprietor, Rob Turton, is a really interesting guy. The service at Tyres for Bikes is quite incredible really. Thanks for such great service! And, heck the tyres were a great price too.

Looks like we may have found our selves a guy to give us a little training. We have been talking about doing a riding course to improve our abilities and try to avoid getting into bad habits. The trouble is there aren’t really any motorcycle courses to speak of that cater for our needs except for a select few that are all booked out many months ahead and cost a lot.

Rob has already given me a few things to think about that challenge me in the way I come at riding. In this case mainly about balance and very slow manoeuvring.

The more I learn about Rob the more I feel very excited to have met the man.

I am particularly excited that Rob has invited us for a ride in a few days time. A friend of Rob’s wanted to have a ride of one of Rob’s bikes so they will be heading out on Monday and we are invited to “tag along”.

I have to admit I am a tiny bit concerned how we will go keeping up as both Rob and his friend Eric raced for many years. In fact Rob still races in events like Australia’s Finke Deasert Race.

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