June 12th: Day 37 – Moree

We left Warrumbungle before we perhaps would have with a large rain front promising significant rain. We planned to spend a day soaking up the hot springs at Moree and waiting for the rain to pass. The thunder storm hit in the arvo and brought heavy rain. Despite pitching our tents on high ground, before long we found our selves with water under and around the tents. The floor of the OnePlanet Goondie 2 30D is waterproof in theory but it does seem after a time with water lying under the tent to finally get wet inside if there is an pressure on the floor. Still happy with my tent despite this limitation that seem to come hand in hand with lightweight waterproof materials.

There was a reasonable camp kitchen which I spent a good portion of the day in working on images and the blog.

Bathed in the artesian hot springs again. Naturally hot but chlorinated unfortunately.

So many grey haired nomads. The place is wall to wall caravans.

Foreground; unpowered campers,  background; Grey haired sardines

Foreground; unpowered campers,
background; Grey haired sardines


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