Coen to Weipa

The 280km to Weipa was long and dusty. There was enough traffic to make it a little annoying. The red dust gets into everything.

Mawson started surging a little about 150km out of Weipa. I suspect it is crap in the fuel. I kept riding and managed to get to Weipa but it did put me on edge a little.

TheTip (50 of 93)

Bauxite shipping terminal in Weipa


I drained the carb bowl, checked oil and air filter. The air filter looks as though it isn’t fully dirty yet which is a big improvement as today’s 280km of dirt was more dusty than the 140km that totally clogged it getting to Coen.

Mawson used a little oil but not as much as I had thought might be used, which is a great relief as it indicates that any damage that was done on the first two days riding with Donnie has not rendered the bike unridable due to excessive oil consumption. Lets just hope it stays that way.

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