We took a tour of historic aspects of Mt Morgan and the mine this morning. What an incredible place.

Overlanding (48 of 52)

The main processing facilities just below the open cut


Overlanding (49 of 52)

One of the winding houses from the tunnel mining days. The deepest of the shafts was over 1500ft deep!

Overlanding (52 of 52)

Reflections in the lake held by the open cut. The water is very acidic (about pH 3.5).

The remaining chimney from the ore smelter

The open cut lake with Smelter tower in the background


The Bouldery Pub in Bouldercombe has a free camping area. Trace and Deano, the proprietors, have been particularly hospitable. They have taken the place over in the last year or two and they are making a real go of it. Great people, very generous.
Thanks Deano n Trace.


Goodbye Rob

Thanks for a great ride Rob. You are a very generous and knowledgeable man. We are really grateful to have had the opportunity to ride with you. We have learnt a lot and really enjoyed following you trough some pretty small and challenging tracks to impressive places.

See you on the road again some time.

Rob packing to head back south to Cooroy

Rob packing to head back south to Cooroy

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