Lochiel to Towamba

Day 12: May 18th

Headed over to Towomba through the mountains for the “Towomba Valley Acoustic Sessions” that Hugh and Annie had suggested.

Day 12-1


Day 12-2


Day 12-3

Annie and Raman


Lots of friendly people, workshops and performances.

What a gem of an event. So glad to have stumbled across it. Thanks Hugh.

Local instrument maker

Local instrument maker


Day 12-5

Sisters from Jindabyne and their friend. The sister were amazing! What talent for 12 and 9!




Day 12-6


Day 12-7


Vince performed a song in Spanish to a big audience get an overwhelmingly positive response.


Day 12-8

Vince performing



Day 12-9

Vince receiving hearty applause



Day 12-10

Michael Menager on Guitar and Vocals with an incredible musician (right) who I didn’t get a chance to meet.


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