Cooroy to Mt Perry

Sunken Overlanders

We got an early start to the day. While Rob tied up one last work commitment Raman and I visited Eric who was thrilled to see his lovely old 86 Tenere next to Raman’s 2011 Tenere


Overlanding (1 of 52)

At mid day we met back at Rob’s, ready to hit the road.

Riding with Rob is both exiting and challenging. My goal for this time on the road with Rob is a little different. I want to extend my riding skills as much as possible. I will however try to take a few photographs when I am not hanging on for dear life.

Recent flood damaged rail bridge. Was this the Burnett River Rob?



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The Burnett River


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Rain beginning to fall ahead as dusk closes in. Mt Perry will be in the dark when we arrive.






Moisture on the visor and glasses mix with dust making it hard to see. Dusk falling quickly makes it even harder.

Riding in the dark on muddy roads in the rain….

I was glad to finally reach Mt Perry.


After a great evening at the bar mixing with locals, mostly miners, we hit the sack under the shelter of the veranda of the pub. Rob knows the publican well obviously.

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