June 7th: Day 32 – Having a blast in Bylong

It rained very heavily last night and early this morning. Although the tents are “water proof” things inevitably get wet so having a dry place to pitch the tent in the down poor was great . We decided to wait for the weather to pass.

I enjoyed working on my images for the day and preparing things for the blog. There is no hurry. We have no where to be…

Day 32-1

A quaint little church across from camp – Bylong

Both Raman and I really liked the Bylong Valley. There’s something nice about it. Pity its going to be one big open cut coal mine.

Early in the even some locals turned up for a chat around a fire. The gather here every Friday apparently.  Later in the evening we went over and had a chat.

One of the guys had been to Cape York last year and was raving about the fishing. He strongly recommended gold lures for Barra… and green lures for a bunch of other fish. Ended up talking about lots of redneck things including bikes and guns. Ah deary me. Anyway, one thing led to another and ended up being a real blast with the locals! Can’t be more specific than that! Perhaps you’ll hear the full story around a camp fire one day…

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