Brisbane to Kenilworth

Brisbane to Kenilworth: Day 68

Hitting the road this morning was particularly exciting. Having, for the most part, kicked the flu I was feeling much better, my bike is running oh so very much better than it ever has and, last night, I finally did what I have been threatening to do since Dargo, cut all my hair off! It feels great 🙂


Before (Photo by Jancy Ma)



Its gone!

Its gone!


I really want to thank John and Nancy for their hospitality. So glad to have had a spot to hunker down while sick. Lots of good talks too. I am looking forward to “meeting” Sleepy John on the road some day 🙂

Headed up the coast and stopped in at Soundrider. The head sets for our CB radios were from Soundrider and all had broken in the first two weeks.
Jim, the proprietor, was good enough to help me out on his Saturday avo. He gave me a new head set free and gave me the number of the distributor of the head sets. I was grateful for the assistance on a weekend but not really happy with another of the same headset or being told to go elsewhere but, unlike me, I went with it. Perhaps there is a reason. Jim told me “That’s what you get for an $85 headset. It’s just not robust.” I have come to the conclusion that the head sets have a design fault and are not fit for sale as such. I will follow up with the distributor on Tuesday. I have an idea that might work well. We’ll see. We spent over $400 on these headsets so I want a solution that isn’t being told “you should have spent more.”

The product in question is an iMC Motocom hs 410. Do not buy one! I would be very careful of all products from this company.
One of the manufacturing faults is the in helmet part of the system has a plastic moulding around the jack and the strain relief for the cable exiting this plug is entirely infective as it is made of hard plastic. Yes, a stain relief from solid plastic! What the hell. The other side of the connector has proper softer rubber strain relief.
Ok, enough of a rant on that. I just want others to be able to learn from my experiences and I am hoping to be able to get a solution that will help others as well.

On to Kenilworth.
Really enjoying riding and being by my self for little bit.

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