Canal Creek to Weipa

We stopped in at Fruit Bat falls for another swim.

Fruit Bat Falls

Fruit Bat Falls (photograph from our northbound OTT trip)

The ride south on the OTT was a lot of fun despite the stuffed rear shock.

Coen (29 of 69)

climbing out of Palm Creek


Coen (30 of 69)

Stand up, lean forward and power on!

And yes, I do work my suspension hard.

Although I only have a few shots from Palm Creek, the OTT was hours of great riding. Reaching Palm Creek signified the lower end of the track and the return to the wide open PDR. Which in places is a great road, in good shape, while other parts are terribly corrugated with bulldust and sand.


long distances, big spaces and lots of dust

long distances, big spaces and lots of dust


After crossing Batavia Downs and getting onto the Weipa road we ran into our first thunder storm. Boy, did it pour! I could barely see a thing. The road was a river and I was wet to the bone. Oddly enough, I felt joy well up inside of me and I sang all the way to Weipa. I could feel it all though my body. What an adventure! What a journey!

Sun Down in Weipa

Sun Down in Weipa

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